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  1. Hello, big fan of the show. I’ve been looking to get into comics (and X Men specifically) for a long time, but was intimidated by the continuity. I’m also very interested in learning about the more magical side of the Marvel Universe (Dr. Strange in particular) and was wondering if you might know of some resources (or a similar podcast) so that I could get a primer on the mystical side of the multiverse?

  2. I just watched a full 12min video called “comparing the voices – Doctor Doom” where every actor who ever did an interpretation of Doom’s voice was featured.

    And still….when I read Doom now all I hear is Miles’ epic voice modulated goodness. Congrats miles, you are officially My voice of DOOM.

  3. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Science of the X-Men (the book and general theories) and whether or not mutant powers are developed via nature or nurture. For some mutants, their powers emerge under intense stress. I.E. Colossus saving his sister, Rogue making out, Storm wandering the Serengeti, and Magneto surviving the holocaust. Under different circumstances, do you think would they still get the same powers?

    Also, what powers do you think the main characters in Parks in Rec would have?

  4. Not sure if this is the proper channel for questions, but I was wondering, you talk a lot about the terrible retcons that have happened over the years.. Are there any retcons that you think improved the overall continuity or a particular story arc?

    1. You may want to send that via one of the avenues of contact listed above–there’s an e-mail form, a link to our tumblr askbox, &c. We pull questions from the blog comments occasionally, but they’re much easier to keep track of via those.

      1. Thanks!! Will do.
        Big fan, by the way! I recently found this podcast and have been listening incessantly.

  5. Hi Guys, just got into the show and have been BINGE listening and pouring over my older comics ever since. While I have long despised Decimation/House of M for taking away the powers of my dear Jubilee, but I’ve recently come to terms as I realized it is also the event by which Illyna gets brought back to life. Do you guys think this was an intentional plot point or just a happy coincidence? Thanks!!

  6. You’ve probably covered this in an episode, but can you recommend a good source to navigate what current x-men titles are worth Jumping in to? I’m pretty up to date thru external sources, haven’t actually read any comics since Grant Morrisons new x-men though :p

    Started listening from beginning, currently at ep 40, love the show!

  7. Comment: Hey guys,

    First LOVE your podcast and have been listing to it for a couple of years now!
    Two just started watching your YouTube show…LOVE it! (Especially Rachael err..Jay’s reply at the end of episode 5 to commenters about her sunglasses and facial expressions blahaha…I saw the bird flying in a mile away but laughed out loud regardless when she landed!!! Haha)
    Three – Please to me you guys are gonna be at NYCC!!! Just want to say hey and see if you guys want to go out for drinks in my city!

    Alright…keep up your great work!
    To Me My X-Men!!!

    1. I’ll be kept pretty busy at NYCC working for Dark Horse Comics, but feel free to stop by the DH booth and say hi if you have a chance!

  8. I started re-reading every Xcomic a few months ago and I found your show about 2 weeks ago and started with Ep.1 and I am all caught up. I can’t think of anything to ask right now, just wanted to say you are awesome and keep it up. Thanks!

  9. Huge fan of the show. I apologize if this question is answered elsewhere! I’m trying to watch the reviews of Evolution but am noticing that the videos are private. Do I need to be a Patreon supporter to be able to view these videos?

  10. Just wanted to check in and say how much I love your podcast! I listened as it came out each week until you got to Inferno (which I haven’t read before), then decided that I needed to go back and start from the beginning again, reading all the comics as I go! It’s taking a while but I’ll catch up again eventually! It’s quite a challenge, but someone has to do it…

  11. The discussion on last episode about how you two talk too fast to listen at 1.5x speed led me to experiment and listen to you on 0.5x speed.

    In case you’ve never done this, Miles sounds very very drunk or high, but like the kind of drunk who gets very philosophical, and Jay sounds deeply, inconsolably sad.

  12. Is it a coincidence that Rouge and Captain Marvel BOTH wear brown leather jackets over their costumes? AND also about Carol, when did she leave the starjammers?

  13. There are a number of great x-men related murals around Chicago, most of them probably created by the graffiti crew called x-men that started in New York in the 70s (https://www.graffiti.org/xmen/). That article mentions that they even got some shout outs in Spiderman and Fantastic Four–do they get any nods in the x-men comics directly? Do you have any favorites to share?


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