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  1. Agreed. That was hilarious. Considering the frequency with which I have to have that same discussion with so many, and how Rachel’s X-Planation has simplified my life. Would love to have a Miles Sums Up Thor or some such someday, as my eldest is a huge fan.
    And it was very nice to see eyeballs for once…

    I don’t see “comments avatar/icon” in the list of rewards. Is that something that must be earned?

    1. Try setting up a Gravatar profile; it should (I believe) automatically link to your login on our site (or any WordPress site).

      Miles Sums Up Thor… Ponder ponder…

      1. I’ll try it. Thanks.

        And it wouldn’t need to be as in-depth. Just so I can explain to him what happened to the ACTUAL Donald Blake and who Thunderstrike is, the fact that Thor was turned into a frog, but Throg is a completely different frog, right? See? This is why we need you…

  2. Years ago, I listened to your podcast, though I had never read an X-men comic book. With no knowledge of the mutantous gang, I still found your podcast FUN!!!! Last week I finally decided to explore comic books. With the universe in my favor, I found a box of mid-90s assorted X-men titles. Then I remembered your glorious show of mutant super hero knowledge. I am X-static to follow along and have the comics to reference finally. Well in a few weeks or months when you get to the OnSlaught! Era. 🙂

  3. Great Episode Guys, Thank You for the amazing work!!!

    So I have a theory on how Legion can be brought into current X-men world in Krakoa:

    Professor X, believing that Legion is dead (and not hanging out with X-Man in an alternate dimension) decides to use his last Legion soul update to resurrect Legion, but with a twist:

    In an attempt to make up for the guilt he feels for being a terrible father, he decides to make a separate body for every Legion Personality. This results in really creating a legion. Each version would have different personalities and powers.

    This also falls under the Krakoa / Nightcrwaler law “Make more Mutants”.

    What do you think?

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