Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


  1. Thank you. I devour podcasts because while I’m driving, the tedium of asphalt and taillights softens with talking. Making my head hurt by revealing the insanity of jubilee somehow makes the potential injuries of speeding much faster than evolution intended more acceptable. When I discovered your podcast I had a very good week with one show after the other to the exclusion of Joe rogan, Kevin smith and Penn Gillette. Thank you once more, true believers.

    1. Redbubble is PtO only, so, probably not. We may end up selling it online, but we haven’t yet worked out logistics for that–I’ll post if/when that changes. Right now, the best way to get a copy is probably to conspire with someone who’ll be at a show we’re attending.

  2. Which comic is the frost giant in? I have the figure but cannot figure this out. Also, do you sell your podcasts on CDs?

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