Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

116 – The Pooper of This Party

Jubilation Lee: immediately wonderful.
Art by Marc Silvestri from Uncanny X-Men #244. David Wynne’s art will return next episode!

In which Jubilee makes her fabulous debut, the X-Ladies visit Hotbods, the X-Dudes accidentally (and drunkenly) save the world, Longshot is Sexy Johnny Karate, the only thing worse than one anti-mutant super-robot is two, and we say goodbye to a quarter of the team.


  • Hellfire Club leadership
  • Uncanny X-Men #244-247
  • Team-relative Inferno after-effects
  • Jubilation Lee
  • Teddy girls
  • The surprisingly not-dead M Squad
  • Chaos (but not KAOS)
  • Dazzler, heart and/or steamroller of the X-Men
  • Miles’s alternate career as alien archivist
  • DC’s Invasion
  • Logan’s Guide to Kissing Etiquette
  • Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown continuity disambiguation
  • Sexy dead girls
  • Perils of the Siege Perilous
  • Sharon Kelly
  • Rogue, Carol Danvers, and relative (im)maturity
  • The MTV Generation
  • Wolverine’s hair
  • X-(misc.) Forever
  • Storm’s threads

NEXT EPISODE: The New Mutants drop out.

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No illustration this week, but David Wynne‘s art will be back next episode!