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As Mentioned in Episode 238 – Meet Them Where They Are

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238 – Meet Them Where They Are

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which X-Force is the new New Mutants; Professor is what Cable has instead of a burn book; Cable develops emotional literacy; Jay has a lot of feelings about Shatterstar; Cowboys can be wizards, too; you really shouldn’t call adult people “child”; privilege is truly the greatest superpower; Cameron Hodge remains improbably difficult to kill; Candy Southern gets to write the ending to her own story; and Emerald City Comic Con is coming up REALLY fast!

  • Jay & Miles at Emerald City Comic Con
  • Some new merch
  • X-Force #26
  • Uncanny X-Men #305-306
  • The evolution of Tabitha Smith’s code name
  • X-Force and its members (more) (again)
  • Professor’s narrative function
  • A sudden mustache and its potential implications
  • A lot of things about Shatterstar
  • Cable as a leader
  • Armor full of skin
  • Louis St. Croix and/or Mark Twain
  • An inappropriate nickname
  • The first Xavier school prom
  • Inflatable erotic accessory semantics
  • The return of Candy Southern
  • The return of Cameron Hodge
  • Moral event horizons and how to handle them in comics
  • Pros and cons of dating telepaths

NEXT EPISODE: A Maximoffstravaganza, feat. Max Carleton

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WHOA DANG! Emerald City Comic Con is just around the corner, and we’ll be there ALL FOUR DAYS!

Here are the details:



  • HOME BASE: KK10 in Artist Alley, on WSCC Level 6! We’ll be around all weekend, talking X-Men, selling cool swag (LILA SHIRTS ARE ON, Y’ALL), and generally being delightful miscreants.
  • LIVE SHOW: Saturday! 6:30 PM! TCC L3-R3! Join us for a LIVE episode, with guests Vita Ayala, Seanan McGuire, and Leah Williams!
  • PARTY: Saturday! 8-10 PM (right after the live show)! Phoenix Comics & Games! Hangouts, hijinks, and pie! No badge needed! Details here.

Come to the Coolest* Party in Seattle

*statement not evaluated by anyone cool, but there will be pie.

Jay Edidin and Miles Stokes, in partnership with Phoenix Comics, request the pleasure of your company at the 2019 Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men Emerald City Comic-Con Listener Meet-Up and Slightly Early 5th Birthday Party!

on Saturday, March 16

from 8 to 10 PM

at Phoenix Comics, Seattle

Featuring fine company, exquisite entertainment (including at least one sing-along), refreshments (including pie), and pie (we’re very excited about the pie). Guests of all ages are welcome; no convention badge is required. Costumes encouraged!