Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

150 – Live at ECCC, feat. Dennis Hopeless and Charles Soule

Art by David Wynne. Contact David to purchase the original!

In which writers Dennis Hopeless and Charles Soule join us for a live episode at Emerald City Comic Con, Age of X is the world’s worst morale boost; Charles and Dennis X-Plain the Marvel Universe; we still can’t get Hieronymus Bosch’s X-Men out of our heads; and apparently somehow we’ve recorded and posted 150 of these things.


  • Age of X
  • Evil Moira MacTaggert Disambiguation
  • The post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe
  • Major X-Men turning points
  • ResurrXion
  • Planning events
  • A profoundly unexpected crossover
  • Namor’s definitive qualities
  • Our dream X-creators
  • Where to find Havok in current comics
  • Earned deaths
  • The pronunciations of several words
  • Teams we’d like to see revived or revisited

NEXT EPISODE: The road to X-Tinction Agenda continues!

No visual companion this week, but wait ’til you see our ECCC photos!

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