Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

443 – X-Retail (feat. Katie Pryde of Books With Pictures)

In which we walk down X-Plain Memory Lane; everyone needs Bitch Planet; HoX/PoX wouldn’t stay on shelves; we learn how to make sure a comic doesn’t get canceled; Marvel should have kept publishing those Krakoa-era anthology TPBs; X-Men is indeed a soap opera; and you can jump in here ’cause we’re all confused.


  • The most crowded X-year
  • Books With Pictures, official best comics shop in the world
  • Our upcoming 10th birthday party
  • Katie Pryde’s X-history
  • Prioritizing marginalized nerd identities
  • Lapsed X-readers
  • X-sprawl
  • The Dawn of X books that worked (and the one that didn’t)
  • The frustration of discontinued collection formats
  • The perfect number of X-books (again)
  • Drama and kissing
  • What we want after Fall of X
  • Readers’ single issue vs collection preferences
  • The power of the preorder
  • Katie’s (naming) origin story
  • Readers versus speculators
  • How to organize a comic book store
  • Non-X recommendations for X-fans
  • The glory of Judge Dredd
  • X-Men who can be trusted to watch a comic book store

NEXT EPISODE: Deviants, Christmas ghosts, and Magneto!


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