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You sent us art!

You know this totally makes our week, right? You are the best.

David Wynne proposes this distinct improvement to Havok’s headwear:


And over on Tumblr, wolverfail has us blushing furiously with our first-ever fan art of the X-Perts, dressed up as our favorite X-Men to battle the greatest imaginary villain of the Silver Age:



The Many Mustaches of Magneto / Ask Rachel and Chris

Wow. Wow. You wonderful weirdos. Last week, we bemoaned Silver-Age Magneto’s lack of a properly villainous mustache, and you have filled that void with distilled awesomeness. Click through for the many miraculous mustaches of the master of magnetism…

This week, Miles is off at C2E2. He’ll be working at the Dark Horse Comics booth all weekend, so if you’re there, swing by for a high five.

Meanwhile, Rachel will be holding down the fort with Emergency Backup Cohost Chris Sims, X-Plaining some of the (numerous and often terrible) X-Men animated series. If you have questions for Rachel and Chris, please stick ’em in the comments here or our tumblr ask box, or tweet ’em to @RaeBeta, with the hashtag #xplainthexmen!