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The Lila Cheney music video will steal your heart

Dazzler’s great and all, but if you know us, you know our hearts belong to a different X-Universe rock star: Joan Jett lookalike and intergalactic super-thief Lila Cheney. So, when director Arvin Bautista–part of the team behind that amazing Dazzler video that dropped last year–dropped a line to let us know that their next project was going to feature Lila, we were pretty excited.

The video–“I Will Steal Your Heart,” embedded above, finally dropped today. And y’all.


I know you have jobs, and classes. I know you have responsibilities, and commutes. But please, whatever you’re doing, put it aside. Close your office door. Get a hall pass. Pull over. (Seriously, though, why are you reading blogs while driving? Don’t do that.) And then watch this video, because it is amazing.

There are New Mutants! Stevie freakin’ Hunter! Intergalactic heists! In-over-his-head Cannonball! Really, really catchy music! (Also some possibly recognizable t-shirts, and maybe some of your faces, if you were among the folks who responded to the casting call back in November!) And we’d be remiss not to mention Sage Montclair’s absolutely splendid performance as a super kickass Lila Cheney.

You can find more on both the Lila and Dazzler videos, as well as info about the folks behind ’em, production stills, &c. over at http://www.superheropop.com/


Want to Be in a Dazzler Video? (Yes. Yes, You Do.)


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.41.49 PM

LA-area listeners!

Remember that awesome Dazzler music video that came out last year? There’s a second one in the works–and director Arvin Bautista is looking for extras to be audience members at a concert.

Here are the details:

  • December 5th, 2015
  • Los Angeles, CA (Koreatown area, only one location, indoors)
  • Time TBD, probably from 3pm>9pm
  • Non Union

If you’re interested, contact [email protected] with subject line “X-men music video audience member.”