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April 2015 T-Shirt & Leggings of the Month: Demon Bear

Because you demanded* it: THE DEMON BEAR SHIRT!

Art by David Wynne!
Art by David Wynne!

When David Wynne’s gorgeous Demon Bear illustration went up with Episode 32, a lot of you asked when you’d see it on a t-shirt. We are happy to announce that your wait is over: the Demon Bear is officially April’s t-shirt of the month!

But that’s not all: we’re also doing a limited run of Demon Bear leggings! Do YOU want to wrap your entire body in a nightmare creature from dimensions beyond human ken?** CONGRATULATIONS. NOW YOU CAN.


Demon Bear t-shirts and leggings will be available until May 1, 2015, then disappear forever. (Travel mugs will of course continue to stick around for as long as they remain hilarious.)

*Actually, you have been asking very politely for a very long time now. We appreciate that.

**Before someone asks: We did in fact try to do a Screaming Bear Crotch variant, but alas, it did not work out with the placement of the seams on Redbubble leggings.

March 2015 T-Shirt of the Month: What’s New Shadowcat?

Saving the world is all well and good, but Kitty Pryde knows what superheroism is REALLY about: the costumes!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.41.38 AM

What's New Shadowcat

This month, we’re celebrating Kitty’s myriad and multiversal superthreads with David Wynne’s fantastic homage to the classic Frazetta What’s New Pussycat? poster, featuring a whopping seven of Kitty’s signature looks over the years. For bonus mileage, go meta and incorporate it into your own superhero costume—or use the matching mugs to get you through the Kitty’s Costumes drinking game next time you marathon the Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men archives!

What’s New Shadowcat? shirts will be available until April 1, then disappear forever (mugs, tote bags, and/or throw pillows may persevere longer). David also has the original art for sale over here!

February 2015 T-Shirt of the Month: What Would Peter Corbeau Do?



Who’s the man who holds the Marvel Universe together while the superheroes are out gallivanting around the galaxy?

Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau, that’s who.

He’s got two Nobel prizes. He built his own space station. He survived splitting rent with the Hulk, swam across the Atlantic Ocean, snuck the X-Men into space, and is the namesake of the most unimpeachably legitimate award in comics.

And when you hit a moral or personal or scientific dilemma that will only stand for the most awesome possible solution, there’s only one question you need to ask: What Would Peter Corbeau Do?

In that spirit, it is our great pleasure to debut February 2015’s t-shirt of the month, designed by the ever-splendid Dylan Todd!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.44.33 AM

As the name implies, this is a LIMITED RUN: T-shirts and hoodies (including kids’ and infant sizes!) will be up in the shop through March 1, 2015, then DISAPPEAR FROM THE SHOP FOREVER. (Tote bags and travel mugs may persist, depending on interest. We’ll see.)

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