Grown-up Cyclops finds out about the new Cyclops ongoing series. (All-New X-Men #26)


  1. David says:

    Man, this makes me feel really sad for adult Cyclops.

    Also I feel that Kitty was acting a bit unnecessarily harsh on the next page where she’s all like “i better not catch you in the same room with her alone again.”

    I feel like she’s managed to hold a grudge very impressively, and this is a school with Emma Frost and the cuckoos.

    • Rachel says:

      As someone who’s helped write very tangentially parallel (I mean, there wasn’t time travel involved) policy for educational institutions, I’m 100% with Kitty: I think it’s a perfectly reasonable guideline, given the complex relationships and power dynamics in play. We’re talking about an adult–one in a position of significant institutional power–alone in a bedroom with the teenage version of a peer with whom he became sexually or romantically involved as a teenager; who is also a phenomenally powerful telepath with limited control and not the best ethics: whether either of them *would* isn’t entirely relevant to whether it’s okay. (And note that Kitty keeps intentions out of it. It’s a rule. It’s that simple. As it should be.)

      • David says:

        That’s a fair point, and I don’t dispute the correctness of the policy. If I implied the policy was wrong then that’s my bad.

        I just think Kitty’s attitude towards Cyclops is unnecessarily hostile given the stated reasons for her leaving the Jean Grey School and how Cyclops has been to Kitty since Astonishing.

        Edit: oops, I replied in the wrong place the first time, is there any way to remove my other comment?

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