Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

You Made Art! CarrotStorms, Draculas, X-Perts, and More!

Dear Listeners,

You are amazing. It has been a pretty rough week all around, but every time we opened our e-mail, we were surprised by yet another piece of rad art from you.

You are the wind beneath our neurotoxic, bladed wings.



Click through for Carrotstorms, Draculas, 8-bit Madelyne Pryor (!!!), and more…

Sometimes when we record an episode, there is a joke we secretly hope people will decide to draw. Episode 18‘s was definitely CarrotStorm, and you did not disappoint.

From Gerardo Baró, the original Bronze-Age CarrotStorm:




And from George Beedham, a more modern take:




Meanwhile, Dustin “Possible 3rd Summers Brother” Adamczyk sent us a screen from a Castlevania II that might should have been:




Logan Bonner–whom you might remember from his fantastic Prydeslaught–was inspired by your video-game pitches to create this amazing set of X-sprites (But not X-Sprites) to fill the 8-bit-Madelyne-Pryor-shaped hole in your life:



(Also, we JUST realized these correspond to our Patreon patron tiers: Iceman with a Wizard Beard, Clone of Jean Grey, Probably a Summers Brother, Pterosaur in Tiny Jorts, and Xavier Faking His Own Death!)

(Also, ADAM X THE X-TREME. ADAM X THE X-TREME. Any game in which Adam X the X-Treme is playable had damn well better include a mechanic for him to skateboard directly through your screen.)




From Adam Reck, a moment of cross-Schism accord:




Finally, Maja drew… us! Or super leveled-up us, anyway: she’s not only realized Miles’s life-long dream of becoming an Ice Wizard, but also rescued Rachel from having to once again x-plain how Cyclops’s optic blasts work!




Thank you, again, so much. <3

If you (you!) have been making X-Plain the X-Men art and want to see it up here, e-mail it to xplainthexmen (at) gmail (dot) com, and let us know how you’d like to be credited!



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