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  1. Hello Rachel and Miles,
    I recently had a conversation as to who would be a great ‘Storm’ if FOX were to recast her role. Which they should. Hmm, Why couldn’t Kitty have phased back a better actress into the role of Storm back in 2000. Now THAT would’ve been a nifty trick!

    Anyways, enough knocking around an ‘Oscar winner’s bad acting. With Storm, you need someone who is beautiful, yet beautiful in distinctly African-American features. A huge part of the character is she was born of an African parentage in New York, raised in Africa, and has been worshiped there as both a goddess and a queen. I’m not going to focus on height (though between 5’11-6’ is preferred). Also, the actress must possess a natural smile that is instantly genuine when in moments of relaxation, but must also flip the switch and go into ‘general mode’ when the shit goes down.

    The person I feel who is already known to the mainstream and could eclipse Halle Berry’s performance without breaking a sweat, is Dania Gurira. Otherwise known as the television version of ‘the Walking Dead’ comic’s ‘Michonne’. Now, here is where I can win you over with this. I do not think Danai would look good as Storm with the long flowing white hair. She would completely, however, own the shit out of mohawk and leather Storm.

    Would love to know your thoughts, email me back if you’d like. If not, thank you for taking the time to at least kick around my idea with me in this post. Thank you SOOO very much for your podcast. You guys are two of the coolest people I don’t know yet enjoy hanging out with (via I-pod) for at least an hour out of the week.

    Keep it UNCANNY, AMAZING, ASTONISHING….I’d FACTOR in an Excalibur adjective, but That’d just FORCE it, and I’d probably get EXILED for it.

    WOMP WOMP WOOOOooooooooomp 🙁


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