Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Miles Reviews the X-Men, Episode 28

Week of March 4, 2015.

In which Monet is awesome, Wolverines is ridiculous, and the Denver Airport might actually be Hell.


  • Avengers World #18 (0:31)
  • *X-Men #25 (1:41)
  • Wolverines #9 (4:09)

*Pick of the week (6:23)

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  1. #1 – you should DEFINITELY do a Penance cold open. Wow; good idea, Rachel!

    #2 – I liked the one-person-review-plus-written-snark model, kind of a LOT. I’m not saying you necessarily SHOULD do this format all the time; I’m just saying that, if you did, I sure wouldn’t be sad about it.

    1. Much agreed with, well both your points 🙂 But especially #2!

      However, actual Rachel is even more awesome than snarky-text Rachel, so there’s that.

    2. It’s a pretty workable solution for when I’m away (less so when Miles is, since I’m the one who edits the video), but it makes things a LOT harder for whoever’s left to solo the video.

    3. “We should do a Penance cold open” keeps coming up, but the cold open keeps not showing up. I’ve decided that my head-canon is that this is a deliberate running gag for the podcast.

      1. Nah. It just hasn’t come relevant yet–we have a specific if somewhat byzantine system for pairing cold opens and episodes.

  2. Wow. Just went to go look at Penance (thought they were talking about Robbie Baldwin from New Warriors / Civil War)

    Now my head hurts and I can’t get my eyes to uncross. If you can manage to get all that in a cold open, I’ll be amazed. That said, I loved the format, it actually works really well, if you need to use it again

  3. I feel for you Rachel. A perfect addition to what I’m sure has been a chaotic trip. And I understand the lunacy that is DIA. Though it’s 6 hours from the town I inhabit, it’s the nearest major hub, so every flight to anywhere goes thru there. And what’s with the giant mural of children making farming equipment into weapons of war?!? There is SO much wrong with that place.
    At any rate, get home soon. You are missed.

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