Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


  1. The New X-Men issue with Xorn and “Two weeks, and it would have been all right,” is the closest thing I can think of to this emotionally affecting.

    I wish sometimes that this page wasn’t relevant in these times and we knew a little better and were a little more human, and a bit more kind, but I fear it’ll always be relevant.

  2. It’s no wonder Claremont wrote her as a politician in The End. Whereas most of the more prominent X-Men have aggressive and/or flashy power-sets or are well known for their fighting prowess, Kitty has consistently been shown to excel verbally. Whether it’s rhetorician Kitty of Mekanix or the bold, mouthy teen who rushes to her friends’ defense and tells off Norse gods, her best moments are always her speeches. Even her best smackdowns are verbal in nature. Her confrontation with Emma in #2 of Whedon’s Astonishing run is one of my favorite Kitty/Emma moments of all time.

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