Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


  1. Rob Liefeld took one look at Cypher’s costume and the whole of his future suddenly stretched out before him like a golden path lined with pouches.

  2. Definitily, the Magik costume is the best. In the case of Sunspot and Wolfsbane, the customes that Mojo made for them in the New Mutant Annual look better than those. Also, I can’t stop thinking that they look like a crossover episode of GI Joe, Dungeon and Dragons and the Ultraforce cartoons O.O

  3. Oh no what have they done to you, Cannonball! You’re Nigh invulnerable when you’re blastin’! Why do you have protective gear?

  4. Magik’s is great – I’d love for her to wear something like this again instead of the boring standard New Mutants costume or that hideous black fetish gear (she’s like 14, get it together comic book artists).

    Magma’s is only tolerable in that once she’s fired up, that costume won’t matter a la Iceman.

    Moonstar and Karma’s costumes seem kinda racist.

    Wolfsbane’s is okay – not good, not bad, pretty generic superhero costume.

    Warlock’s is kinda kooky and fits with him.

    Everyone else is wearing an abomination.

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