Contest: Roll to See if I’m Getting Drunk!

Rachel here!

Have you seen David Wynne’s awesome X-Men vs. D&D illustration from the Summer Special? We are pretty darn in love with it. And as it happens, David also sent us a blank-background version, which I’ve been having wayyyy too much fun crudely modifying:






THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN: Add your own caption or dialogue to the image below, and send it to XplaintheXMen(at)gmail(dot)com by MONDAY, JUNE 29 with the subject NATURAL20. We’ll post your edits to the blog–and send a whole mess of fancy dice and other goodies to our favorite!



  1. David Ellis says:

    Question: would do entries have to be in the image-manipulated format, or would I be able to submit entries in script format?

  2. Gary P. says:

    So, did this die on the vine, then? I don’t think I ever saw the follow-up post to it.

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