I seriously want to write a one-shot about this Sentinel. MARVEL: CALL ME. (New Mutants #48)


  1. LAndrew says:

    He could be called Captain AmeriCAN!

    . . .I’ll get my coat.

  2. Armaan says:

    Forget this sentinel’s story, I would love an art challengey thing of ALL the sentinels doing this, something reminiscent of Secret Invasion where Skrulls who had mixed powers of certain heroes or villains had a merged mix of their costumes, I’d love to see sentinels basically dressed as people they’d killed. Like, if this one sentinel had also killed the Hulk I’d love if he’d just paint his face green and wear giant purple shorts over his Captain America colours.

  3. Karlen says:

    It’s programmed only for Democracy, and Democracy is non-negotiable!

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