Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-men, Episode 47

Week of July 22, 2014:

In which Uncanny X-Men concludes, E for Extinction gets awesome, Peter Quill is totally a Disney prince, and Rachel and Miles prepare to move to CASTLE SEXY DRACULA.


  • Uncanny X-Men #35 (1:08)
  • *E is for Extinction #2 (4:31)
  • Magneto #20 (6:06)
  • X-Men ’92 Infinite Comic #5 (9:09)
  • Old Man Logan #3 (11:56)
  • Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 (15:24)

*Pick of the week (17:09)

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  1. So do you guys think that with the kitty in star lord and kitty pryde having the AOA claw gauntlets could the club Peter is singing in possibly be Angels Heaven from AOA?

    1. The club is the Quiet Room featured in Inhumans: Attilan Rising. It’s very much in the style of Angel’s bar (which is itself styled after Casablanca), except run by a rather conversational Black Bolt.

      1. I’m not sure there should ever be a world where the words “a very conversational Black Bolt” appear in that order.

  2. Miles brought his “A” game for facial expressions this week.

    (Also, E is for Extinction is listed as #3 in the notes, that confused me for a bit)

  3. Somehow it made perfect sense for me that in a world where Doom is god, there are not, nor have there every been, Disney movies.
    I bet he replaced them all with Latverian muppet shows he would watch as a child on rare occasions his gypsy childhood let ‘im near a television set.

  4. This month the Domains are starting to overlap. I suspect it may be really difficult to follow a title on its own by the end of the crossover.

  5. Also, question for Miles. In relation to Star Lord & Kitty Pryde. Between those “specially made” knives being a thing and not being a thing, which would be worse for you?

  6. (Wondering if Rachel and Miles chose to move next week specifically because there are no X-Books…)

      1. Wait, maybe the x-universe just stops when R&M can’t read? I’m going to ret-con their interview with Si Spurrier in which he proposed that the universe was dreamt up each morning by two old men in London meeting for sandwiches. It’s R&M and their love for the X-Men that keeps it all spinning. Instant head canon, projected by their head canons.

        Speaking of, have I missed the episode art of Cable with a Head Cannon? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

        More or less seriously, X-Men 92 made me fist pump more than any other comic this year.

  7. That Sorrentino/Frank Miller comparison just blew my mind. Agree 100%. I get the same buzz from Old Man Logan book that I did from that old Daredevil run. Almost like Sorrentino is laying out a whole new language for future artists to use. I loved his issues on Black Vortex as well – super excited to see what he does next.

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