Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 52

Week of September 2, 2015:

In which X-Men ’92 and Star Lord and Kitty Pryde end; House of M is a better miniseries than event; Age of Apocalypse is a better event than miniseries; and we have big plans for Rose City Comic Con!


  • *X-Men ’92 Infinite Comic #8 (00:42)
  • House of M #2 (03:02)
  • Age of Apocalypse #3 (06:21)
  • Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3 (09:06)

*Pick of the Week (11:24)

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  1. Another great video, although, I disagree about age of apocalypse. Also, crossing my fingers that burner is in fact Adam X!

  2. My favourite “Sure, why not?” moment of Secret Wars was Ghost Racers’ gorilla Ghost Rider on a mini choo choo train.

    I just love being able to say that.

  3. I just want to point out the Fabien Nicieza was the writer of arguably the worst part of AoA original crossover, that is Gambit and the X-ternals. I also cannot think of any X-men story which he wrote on his Uncanny X-Men run that I actually liked (which I cannot say about Scott Lobdell, who at least had good dawntime issues). Mr Nicieza sure is a great writer, which you can see in series as Cable and Deadpool or even Gambit the mini-series, but even he said in an interview that he really didn’t enjoy the peroid when he worked on the Uncanny X-Men. So giving him the command over the AoA secret wars mini-series was really not such a good, idea based on a poor judgement. I thought so the first time I saw his name on the title, thinking to myself: “oh, man, this isn’t going to work well…” Sadly, I wasn’t mistaken.

    1. I have an apology to make to mr. Fabien Nicieza. I wrote my critism based on his part on the AoA almost twenty years ago, yet I haven’t read this current SW story.
      And man, did I make a fool of myself or what?
      This mini-series is amazing! I read it till issue 3# and I was hooked like a madman. I’m not a proffesional reviewer, so I can’t specify everything that I loved about it… But the take on the beloved legendery story, giving us the same feeling of the AoA world but with a twist and a thrilling new story… I love all the characters, all the little hints and easter eggs for the funs… How he managed to compress all these dozens of different characters and storylines into only 3 issues, yet kipping an intriguing and cohersive plot is beyond me.
      Also, I would be damned if F. Nicieza isn’t a regular listener of the show! Come’on. Peter Corbeau? Burner (or should I say: Adam X the Xtreme?)? Doug Ramsey as the main character (which, by the way, placing him as the storyteller of the book is a genious play)? This can’t be all a coincidence.
      Oh, and I couldn’t do this book justice without mentioning the amazing art of sandoval and the equally amazing coloring of Curiel. This book’s art is wicked! It goes so well with the whole 90’s theme. The story, fine as it is, couldn’t be as much as effective without this astonishing artwork.

      So shoutout to this book. I really enjoyed it and looking anxietly for part 4!

      1. I think it can be really easy to forget that writers and artists don’t necessarily stop developing at the point of the work we associate most strongly with them; and it’s always tremendously cool to see a creator I’d been indifferent to or disliked before produce work that really grabs me. One of the neatest things about following creators and franchises long-term.

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