Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 62

Week of November 11, 2015:

In which Laura Kinney is our Wolverine and everyone else is a pale pretender; Secret Wars continues to be shockingly excellent; and you should seriously go read All-New Wolverine #1 RIGHT NOW.


  • All-New Wolverine #1 (00:26)
  • Secret Wars #7 (05:24)

*Pick of the Week (09:44)

Here’s the Erica Henderson drawing we referenced in the All-New Wolverine review: http://ericafailsatlife.tumblr.com/po…

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  1. Holy shit I totally agree with J that this Wolverine is… well they said it better than I could. Secret Wars 7 was so incredible but SO short for the 6 week wait after #6. Loving Secret Convergence too! Keep on rocking, you two!

  2. Glad you both survived the murder washer!

    It’s fun seeing you guys so excited about a review. I was really pleased with both books this week too, and it seems the enthusiasm for All-New Wolverine is pretty widespread in the online circles I travel. It feels a lot better to me to have such a strong start to a series compared to the tentative ground Extraordinary established in it’s #1 issue.

    And oh yes, #SCOIP has been a blast to listen to and I’m glad that Jay is through the worst of the recording demands (at least I think so?) Enjoy the Saturday off when it comes up!

  3. Tom Taylor is fantastic. FanTASTIC. I wasn’t planning on reading this series originally – because Wolverine as a solo character has never interested me that much and I figured Laura would just be more of the same, but the second I saw Tom Taylor was on the book, I was sold…and got a LOT more than I expected.
    Like, she’s always been a character I’ve liked, and enjoyed, but now I unequivocally LOVE her as a character. I love that smiling confidence, I love the way she owns not just the legacy but her OWN tortured past. And her Angel-relationship – none of that, “Oh, I was raised as a weapon, what do I know of love, awkwardy awkwardness” but just, that moment with the “Psh, I just took down flying drones at the Eiffel Tower, I can handle public displays of affection” is just fantastic.
    If you’re a fan of Batman and Superman at all, then Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year One is VERY MUCH worth a read. The costumes are terrible and it’s a video game tie in but none of that matters because the way Tom Taylor writes characters I’ve loved for so long(his Flash-focused Injustice issue come to mind) with such obvious respect, love and just.. excellent excellent characterization.. It’s like he figures out what makes a certain character work, what makes them loved, and then shows that off REALLY really effectively.
    This was a really great issue.

  4. Laura kinney is one of my absolute favorite characters in comics, so I am SO glad that people are enjoying her series as much as I am! I was feeling uncertain going in because of a lot of discussion on tumblr saying that taking the wolverine mantle was a step back for Laura, but your description hit every reason why I was thinking that it was a step forward.

  5. Now you KNOW there’s gonna be Old Man Kitten fan art out there somewhere. You guys are ridiculous. I love it!
    It IS good to see Laura has inherited Logan’s ability to exist at multiple books across the MU every month. I was worried…

    1. Also, there’s also a chance that it’s an Apocalypse from a *different* AoA. The Battlefront AoA is a distinctly different timeline than the one that we were all amazed by back in the day (I’m not factoring subsequent revisitations in that appraisal). It’s a lot like Years Of Future Past. Yes, it shares a lot of commonality with the original idea, but there is enough deviation that I think it probably came from a different multiversal designation.

  6. Loved your podcast and videos…have now patreoned.

    Err one issue that took me out of secret wars 7 was apocalypse….thats clearly aoa apocalypse…but didn’t he die in aoa 4?

    1. There’s no reason there can’t be more than one Apocalypse on Battleworld. There’s a similar problem with the Maestro, unless you also take the “Eh, it’s Battleworld” view of things.

      1. Yeah, but it’s specifically the Baron Apocalypse, and there was ever only one (at the time of the events of the crossover at least).

        1. I agree it’s weird, but perhaps he status quo of AoA is restored after the last panel of AoA 5? Similar to what happened in Inhumans: Attilan Rising (I.e. and Doing my best to minimize spoilers: God Doom is God and can just intervene and reshape the Domain as he sees fit).

    2. That bothered me too. Also, Maestro wasn’t killed but he was put out of commission pretty definitively at the end of Future Imperfect. I guess they’re not worrying about matching all the side comics up with the main book, which I guess allows greater artistic freedom for the readers but it’s definitely jarring if you’re reading a lot of the books.

  7. I don’t think any of your silly left brain vs left brain side conversations has ever given me as many thoughts (or regrets that I can’t draw) quite like Old Man Kitten.

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