Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


      1. Oh believe me, that’s a world I live in. This book is particularly responsible for some of mine. Its just hard for me not to think about how much Claremont seems to use a kind of almost weaponized fetishism in most of his books.

        1. At this point, I think it may be a chicken-or-egg question: we associate Claremont so closely with that idea that it becomes incredibly easy to project intent into his work; which is something I try really hard to avoid as both a critic and a person.

          1. Thats fair enough. I just kinda wish I knew if he was trying to say anything with it. Fetishism in x-men has affected me a lot throughout my life, and it doesnt matter one way or another, but I mean itd be nice to know if this author whose work I love on its own merits is like me in these particular respects, or if I’m just seeing it through my own skewed and arguably skeevy perspective.

            Seeking out people who share my weirdnesses in all bits of life is kinda comforting, so its just something I wish there was a way to talk about without things getting awkward.

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