Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 66

Week of December 9, 2015:

In which Secret Wars disappoints us for the first time.


  • Secret Wars #8

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  1. Thank you both for doing the show whether under duress or otherwise. You brightened up what was a rather low morning. Hearing – and, half the time, watching – you two discuss comics is always, always a delight.

  2. With All New, All Different Marvel starting off with comparatively few X-Titles, what do you suspect will be the X-line’s trajectory going forward? I know that the premise going forward is that the mutant population is at the brink of extinction (yet again), but that typically means that there are still far too many characters to service in 16 titles, let alone 5 or 6. Do you think they have more titles and creative teams waiting in the wing as the post-Secret Wars narratives expand? Or do you think Marvel Editorial is playing tight with the X-books for the time being so that other narratives can play out without having the X-teams factor so much into the proverbial chessboard?

  3. I actually didn’t mind Secret Wars 8. I thought it was fun. Though I take the point that it could’ve been a Giant-Size issue 7. Though I think they only decided to split it (or, at least, they only announced the split) after issue 7 had been solicited and been available for preorder. Turning that into a double-sized issue and making people re-preorder it at a higher price would’ve been crappy.

    The reasons for the delays and the last-minute need to split the issues up may point to my ignorance of how comics are made. I was under the impression that things get done a bit more in advance, no? Like, by the time issue 7 got solicited, I would have though it would already be written and drawn, and maybe still undergoing coloring and lettering and editing and what-not, but the structural component would be done, and they’d have 2-3 months to finish the rest (and then send to printers; I also imagined physical production of the book would be time-consuming). Can anyone tell me about the timelines for the making of a single issue, from writing the script to holding a copy in hand?

  4. With such a light load this week, any chance for a Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men Apocalypse trailer minisode? (… or some initial thoughts in a comment on here, that’d be great too 😉 )

  5. A this point, does anyone really care about what’s to happen in the end of Secret Wars? The post SW books have been released already, we already know what’s changed, who’s missing etc. This book has become simply an appreciation to the art for me. It’s too decompressed and too repetitive.

  6. Love the Excalibur t-shirt!

    I feel like the Secret Wars series is beautiful but kind of empty. A lot happens in every issue, but I don’t find myself caring about any of it…

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