Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 93 – The Discreet Charm of the Brood

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  1. Hi Miles and Jay,

    Continued best wishes to you both. Special thanks, Miles, for holding the fort ( or mansion). The latest episodes have been some of the most interesting for me, because it is mostly unfamiliar territory.
    These comics debuted in a period I was putting aside childish things, or so I thought. I never realized until now how much Brett Blevins art influenced that decision. His style did seem juvenile in comparison to his predecessors and the departure was too much for my Claremont/Byrne/Smith/Sienciewicz conditioned mind to tolerate.
    You given me a newfound appreciation for Blevins, though his scratchy line still gives me the skeeves. Its a nervous style that keeps one on edge: perhaps an apt visual metaphor for adolescence.
    But the real revelation for is Illyanna. I’m embarrassed to say never understood her importance or the breadth of her mythos. Now I want an Illyanna movie asap, she’s an incredible character.Do you think she is a good character to adapt for a tv series?



  2. I remember how excited I was when my best friend got a copy of Pride of The X-Men. At the time it was the only comic book cartoons out there and as bad as it was it was still pretty decent…except for Wolverine’s terrible Australian accent.

  3. You know, this isn’t the only story with leftovers. The Clone Saga had a clone of Gwen Stacy that went on her own and was never seen again; Marvel Apes had chimpanzee Speedball stranded on 616 with the Gibbon and his supergenius girlfriend Fiona Fitzhugh and a writer whose name I forget; DC’s 80s Green Lantern had Doctor Ub’x, the alien mad scientist squirrel, going to Africa to figure out how humans became sentient so he could recreate it with Earth squirrels (I like to think he succeeded and now there’s a colony of sentient squirrels living in South Africa in the DC Universe)
    I think there are lots of characters and things like that and it’s a shame that they never get revisited

  4. One question that has kinda bugged me is if Chris Claremont left willingly from The New Mutants. you guys have stated on a couple of occasions that when Louise Simonson took over, one of the powers that be’s mandates was to make them appear younger. As much control and ownership as Claremont has famously felt for many of his X-characters I would imagine that if the editors were telling him how he had to write his characters, he probably wasn’t having it. You know what I mean? Maybe you’ve covered this aspect of NM’s history. Can you imagine what kind of stories Claremont could have created with Blevins? Still holding out that you guys will one day get Claremont on the show.


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