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We woke up this morning to this amazingness in our Twitter stream:


This is not a photo of us. This is a photo of listeners @StudentofWhim and @Biscainer, who decided to celebrate the new title and URL by cosplaying as the versions of us from our cover art, which is unquestionably the most awesomely Borgesian thing that has ever happened to us in nearly two years of X-Plaining the X-Men.

Speaking of the new stuff, if you’re reading this, it means that we are now at our fancy new URL, xplainthexmen.com! (We almost went with JayandMiles.com, but someone pointed out that we’d have to change it again in a dozen or so years when the Littlest X-Perts come of age and take over, so that just redirects here.) In theory, all of the old links will keep working, but here’s a quick-reference list of where to find what:

iTunes should be showing the correct title now or within the next few days; and your feeds should update automatically.

We’re still working on getting Patreon and Redbubble updated; we’ll let you know as soon as those are moved over (for now, they’re right where they’ve always been).

Obviously, this is a big shift, and it’s involved a lot of coordination, so please pardon any hiccoughs in the days ahead; and let us know if anything’s running wrong, or if you notice the wrong name anywhere!


  1. Yay! I’ve been awaiting for the official change (and have been calling it this for the last few months). So happy for you both to this next chapter…and the next 100+ episodes. FYI, your last few episodes have been your best yet.

  2. “Awesomely Borgesian” – not to be confused with its close cousin, “terrifyingly Borgesian.”

  3. This change with all of the sites and links and everything has been super smooth. Kudos to you both for a job well done!

  4. Congratulation in your Jay&Miles-tone of 100 episodes! =P

    ( how many people did this joke already?)

    I’m glad I decided to follow you folks, your podcast brights up my week, I can’t wait for the new episodes, and for 100 more.

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