Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 77

Week of March 9, 2016

In which All-New Wolverine wraps up its first arc, and we have a lot of big announcements.


  • *All-New Wolverine #6

*Pick of the Week

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  1. Wolverine was great. It did feel a bit quick, to me. Like it needed more action. Still, they only have so much space in each issue, so it’s fine. I do always like Laura’s strategic thinking, and her willingness to do whatever a plan requires.

    And Gabby is great. I love her.

    I’ll miss Lopez on superhero comics. He’s got a really solid style. I enjoy his work. So it’s a shame he’s not going to do more superhero work, at least for now. But next issue has Marcio Takara drawing a team-up with Squirrel Girl. Which is all the yes.

    Also, not an X-title, and normally not a particularly good series, but GotG was great this week. Really, really strong work with Kitty. Her inability to design a costume gets some nice comedy. And then seeing the reality of what a prison planet is like gets some fantastic drama. So, it’s a great issue.

    And I am very excited for Claremont on Sunday!

  2. Dumb question for you guys: Is Miles wearing a Thor shirt? Pattern looks familiar, but I can’t see enough to know for sure. For some reason it’s bugging me. 😀

    1. Good rule of thumb: if there’s any chance that Miles’s shirt might be a Thor shirt, it is probably a Thor shirt. =)

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