Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay Reviews the X-Men, Episode 85

Week of May 18, 2016:

In which Miles takes a day off; All-New Wolverine continues to be an awful lot of fun; and Old Man Logan is bleak and brilliant.


  • All-New Wolverine #8 (00:34)
  • *Old Man Logan #6 (02:37)

*Pick of the Week (04:12)

Filmed at Books With Pictures in Portland, OR.

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  1. Wolverine does take a slight dip in quality, though part of that is that the previous issues were so excellent. It’s still loads of fun. Gabby is great. And the villain is . . . surprising. And has been popping up everywhere lately! He’s been getting pimped like he’s got a movie!

    Old Man Logan is great. I do agree that Maiolo is doing stellar work. He might be the best part of the book, which is saying something.

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