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As Mentioned in Episode 116 – The Pooper of This Party

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  1. I didn’t think the Senator Kelly action figure could be all that bad, so I took a look. There have been times where my being wrong has resulted in worse punishments, but not many.

  2. As an Australian I feel I need to talk about the Aussies not being fazed by the alien invasion. It’s probably just based on the stereotype of Australians just being really laid back about everything.

  3. Sorry, guys, but I find Liefeld’s art (it’s difficult for me to use the word ‘art’ alluding to him) in this issue as terrible as usual. It’s true, though, that back then he seemed to have certain storytelling skill (inheriting from Adams and Silvestri, I guess) that he lost over time. To make matters worse!

    ‘Longshot saves the world through enthusiasm…’ Through respect and tolerance to difference, too –he’s always been an (instinctive) activist in favor of the diversity. What’s more, I may dare to say he saves the world through an anticapitalist attitude (what’s the point of hoarding profits just in the hands of a few?

    I don’t know what are writers waiting for making out of Longshot an anarcho-queer guardian.

  4. Thank you for having running references
    So I looked at the as mentioned of this ep before listening all the way through the pod
    When I got to the Rogue Laying On Bricks (246) cover I was thinking “What the hell are you doing Rogue? You can’t seduce MasterMold!” and then I looked down to the caption and instantly understood that it was Silvestri doing that thing he does to women in his art
    I was seriously confused for a moment though, as to why she would be basically pin-up-style posing as she’s about to be crushed

  5. Yo! The Australian Outback era was a lot of fun and many of us remember it very fondly. One of the fun visual things was seeing Dazzler become progressively more tan over the course of run. Definitely not a coloring error, because I remember noticing her tan becoming more noticeable. Isn’t that just like her though. You can see when she emerges out of the dressing room that she has a SIIIICK tan!

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