Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Jay & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 102

Weeks of 10/12/2016 and 10/19/2016:

In which standing up is for chumps; Old Man Logan is excessively decompressed; All-New X-Men saves Jay’s day; X-Men ’92 is excessively compressed; Death of X gets hairier; and we explore some of the ResurrXion announcements!


*Pick of the week (20:31)

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  1. Kitty! Kitty kitty kitty! Yay kitty!

    For Iceman, I’m hoping it’s Adult Iceman. Hopeless, in ANXM, is doing some exploration of Bobby’s sexuality. But Lemire has done virtually nothing with Adult Bobby’s sexuality. Regardless, all of these Resurrxion books will depend on the creative teams.

    OML was fine. It was OK. Gorgeous art, as usual. But not much story to it, I found.

    ANXM was great. Lots of fun. Fun stuff with Scott’s OCD. I love when Scott gets to be fun. Bagley’s art is excellent, as always, and the video game visuals are charming. And, you know, Scott has a history of tentacles being part of good days. I mean, while getting attacked by a giant octopus on his honeymoon maybe wasn’t great, it did end with him happy. So, yeah, I’m gonna say that Scott and tentacles are a good combination.

    Death of X was well-written. I’m not entirely on-board with Scott’s anti-Inhuman speech, though it’s somewhat understandable under the circumstances. I did love Crystal, Iso and Storm pushing away the Terrigen Cloud. That scene was awesome. Badass. Oh, also: Kubert gives Storm an epic mohawk. That is the best mohawk ever.

    That Death of X theory is pretty interesting. I’d be fine with that being the twist. It’s a cool idea.

    1. It’s not that relevant, but I feel I need to make a distinction. OCD is ritualised behaviour that the sufferer dreads being caught in, but they can’t beat the compulsion. I’m pretty sure Cyclops is being portrayed as autistic here. Autistic people often become obsessed with a thing and explore every part of it. But they don’t suffer from the obsessions as a rule, not nearly as much as the people around them who have to hear all about it in minute yet often incomplete detail.

      1. Fair. Scott does describe himself as OCD in this series, but from what you’re saying, it’s not really clinical OCD.

        1. I would agree that this is definitely not OCD. I have diagnosed and medicated OCD and it can really bother me when people use it to describe just being worried about something or liking things to be in the right order.

  2. Yeah I hadn’t made the connection on the twist. It’s kind of a cool one, and would make a certain amount of sense with Cyclops going off on his major rant (if there’s a feeling that there might not be enough time to take it slower).

    It might have jumped out at me more if I’d read the two issues back to back. Instead I’m so busy catching up on comics I’d sort of forgotten details.

    ANXM pulling essentially a “Rear Window” episode was kind of great. As soon as Scott started investigating Beast from his wheelchair I started giggling. “Rear Window” episodes are one of my favorite TV tropes.

      1. You can either sink, swim or be the captain
        Get the last word I’mma get the last laugh in
        Now they say “Jay why you dressing so classic?”
        I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket

    1. Only that, if it’s high dollar, decades old, single malt the flavor palate may be disrupted my the toothpaste residue in your mouth.

      Other than that…? Scotch is never not appropriate.

  3. There’s one thing that really bothered me in Death of X and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not an expert on Spain, but I’m pretty sure that there are people who live outside of Madrid. So I’m feeling like there are possibly a bunch of mutants who died because of the Terrigen cloud, but no one cared because they lived outside of the capital city… I mean, the cloud on the map was not little!

    (by the way, it’s my first comment here, and I love what you do, and your cat looks adorable)

  4. I wonder if the “twist” (if it happens) would be less obvious if you read all four issues at once without the internet commenting in between. It’s much harder to hide a twist (without completely blindsiding you) with the collective brain of Dr. Internet figuring it out.

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