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As Mentioned in Episode 217 – Piotr the Obscure

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  1. I know I’m being absolutely negative, but I can’t help but telling how much Andy Kubert’s art upsets me.


    1. Thank God, another person whom the end of the podcast made feel guilty about being negative! 🙂

      I have mixed feelings about Kubert’s art. Some of the layouts come across as very effective – I think part of why it’s sort of OK that the “Soul Skinner’s” powers are a little nebulous is that Kubert has put some thought into how pages as a whole are going to suggest the nightmarishness of what’s going on inside people’s heads without the dialogue needing to define it clearly.

      But when you get to the specifics of what’s drawn inside the actual panels, well… There are some good striking images of Colossus, but there’s also the likes of the very obvious anatomy fail on betoweled Scott that our host points out above.

      And, while no-one should ever draw Psylocke in that costume, Kubert *definitely* shouldn’t be doing it. Writing and art combine to produce a quintessential example of ‘90s cringe. It was particularly awful after reading The Only Good Depiction Of Post-Bodyswap Betsy in Excalibur two weeks ago. “Oh yes. This is what they do with this character in her own book.”

      1. Kubert is all that bugs me in an artist: blurry, ostentatious, flat, repetitive, anti-narrative…and a pretty bad drawer. I know this may sound odd for an Adams’ fan like me, but Art’s got something that Kubert hasn’t: imagination and sense of composition.

        All this in my honest opinion, of course.

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