261 – Out of the Subtext, Live from FlameCon with Vita Ayala!

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which we return to our favorite convention; writer Vita Ayala remains an absolute legend; everything was always already queer; and nobody should ever have to wait 37 years for a kiss.

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  1. Icon_UK says:

    Another delightful live episodes, and on one of my favourite topics; SUBTEXT!

    Scans_Daily’s #2 mission statement is “It’s only subtext if it’s SUBTLE!” (#1 is “It’s never just you”) so this was great fun.

    I love that not only did Doug and Warlock get some focus, but the audience cheer that I heard when their names were mentioned warmed the cold slab of onyx which is my cynical little heart on a Monday.

    And yes, the ambiguity/fluid nature of their relationship was important to me as a younger reader, I knew long before then that I was a gay man, but never had that powerful an interest in doing anything about it, so seeing them as an actual couple or as close male friends (or male-ish in Warlock’s case) who were unahamed to be affectionate and tactile with each other, meant a great deal.

    I’m pleased that subtext, fun though it is, can now be replaced with text, though I do hope we haven’t seen the last of it (Well, until Johnny Storm is confirmed as bi I suspect we’re safe)

  2. Devin says:

    My Fab Five:

    Food – Gambit
    Culture – Emma (both in terms of old version of culture and “you need to work your shit out” culture)
    Grooming – agreed on Kurt
    Design – Forge
    Fashion – agreed on Storm

  3. David M says:

    I didn’t know that about Maurice Sendak. I’ve loved his generous, gorgeous and funny art since the 80s. Jay, never be sorry about making me cry about heart-breaking stuff.

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