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Regarding ECCC 2020

After a lot of thought, we’ve made the difficult decision to pull out of Emerald City Comic Con 2020. As other creators have written, this isn’t a choice we’ve made lightly–we don’t do a lot of conventions, and ECCC is in many ways our home show, with a lot of love and traditions attached; as well as significant investments of time, money, and planning.

It’s worth pointing out that we’re very lucky: for us, those losses, while difficult, won’t be devastating. We’re also really, really angry, as we watch friends forced to choose between public health and their own livelihoods because the institutions responsible have so completely dropped that ball.

To the friends and fans who were planning to attend the show specifically to see us: we are so sorry to be missing you, and we’ll try to come up with something special over that weekend. To our listeners in the Pacific Northwest, we’re already well into planning an event in Portland at the end of April; while it’s obviously a far cry from ECCC, hopefully we’ll be able to see many of you in person there.

All our love,
Jay & Miles


  1. If large gatherings of humans are an issue, may I suggest Casper Con last week of June as an alternative. There’s a great barcade here that could host the after-party, and I’m pretty sure the attendance of ECCC is greater than the population of our entire STATE!

    In all earnestness, stay healthy all.

  2. This is sad, yet not unexpected, news. I had already decided not to attend ECCC this year for the same reason. Still, I look forward to what my favorite X-Casters come up with! Stay healthy my friends.

  3. Given that events as far off as E3 have already been cancelled, have you guys heard anything official regarding Flamecon or Rose City?

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