Okay, who spiked the Danger Room? (Uncanny X-Men #323)


  1. Evilgus says:

    Psylocke’s body really shouldn’t contort in that way…

    That caption sums it up (“akin to love”). I really don’t believe in their relationship but could see why they gravitate to each other.

    It was also part of the fun policy of pairing up older X-Men with younger ones they may not have otherwise interacted with (Iceman and Rogue roadtrip, Angel and Psylocke romance, Beast befriending Bishop…). Keeps the older characters relevant and brings out new sides to everyone. Even with Onslaught rubbish imminent, we still get fun character moments which is what really drove the main books.

  2. Uthor says:

    I’ve seen that pose in an Aeon Flux episode. Specifically, the one with the lady with the broken spine.

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