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Web site remodeling

You may have noticed changes to our website’s design yesterday and today – especially since you’re probably on the site while reading this!

We’ve been having stability issues with our site for a few months now, and our image gallery slideshows inexplicably broke a few weeks ago. We’re troubleshooting with DreamHost and hope to have things working much better soon.

We’ll also find a permanent theme (or improve this one) at that point, but alas, our previous theme is down for the count. It was discontinued many years ago and has never worked right on mobile, so we want to find something a bit more modern that still has the features everyone is used to. Please bear with us for a bit longer!


  1. Image galleries – fixed! Thanks, Jetpack support. Stability – partially fixed and working toward fully fixed! Thanks, DreamHost support.

    If anyone finds any additional functionality issues with the current incarnation of the site, please let us know!

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