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Episode 73 Call for Questions – X-Men: Evolution with Robert N. Skir!

Rachel here!

As some of you know, Miles is up at PAX this week, so I’m flying solo on Episode 73. I’ve lined up a super cool guest: Robert N. Skir, who–in addition to writing a handful of episodes of the ’90s X-Men cartoon–is one of the folks responsible for developing X-Men: Evolution, and co-author of the show’s series bible.

If you’ve got questions for Bob–or Evolution questions in general, NOW’S THE TIME TO SEND ‘EM IN! Drop them in the comments here or over at the Tumblr askbox any time today.


While I appreciate that people are so excited, the episode was recorded on Saturday, 8/29. You’re welcome to keep posting questions if it makes you happy to do so, but understand that at this point you’re yelling into the void. -R

Elle & Graeme Guestsplain!


Rachel here! Miles and I are moving house this week! While we’re swimming frantically through a sea of boxes, the podcast will continue unabated, thanks to the guest X-pertise of two friends of ours: Elle Collins of Into It and Graeme McMillan of Wait, What?. Elle and Graeme will be recording episode 69 this weekend, talking about Beast’s solo post-Silver-Age adventures!

Since Miles and I will mostly be unplugged for the next few days, we’re following a slightly different policy than usual in our call for questions. If you have a burning Beast question–or any other question–for Elle and Graeme, please either:

We’re really excited for this one–in addition to being some of our favorite people in the Multiverse, Elle and Graeme each brings an encyclopedic collection of comics know-how and critical perspective, and they collectively cover some of the most significant gaps in Miles and my X-perience (see: the subject of this episode!).


Much like Layla Miller, we know stuff. Unlike Layla Miller, neither of us has ever done it with Multiple Man.
Much like Layla Miller, we know stuff. Unlike Layla Miller, neither of us has ever done it with Multiple Man.

Miles is going on vacation soon, so this weekend, in addition to the regular episode, we’ll be pre-recording an ALL-QUESTION SPECTACULAR. Normally, we limit the questions we answer on the show to the X-Men, but this time (and this time only), anything’s game–from the comics, to the podcast, to the X-Perts ourselves. Stick your queries in the comments here or our Tumblr box, or tweet ’em to @RaeBeta with the hashtag #xplainthexmen!

Days of Future Past, &c.

As promised, here’s a link to Rachel’s (miraculously spoiler-free) Days of Future Past review over at Wired.com.

We also want to take a moment to note that making a good movie does not give Bryan Singer a pass for allegedly raping children. Whether that affects your decision to see Days of Future Past is your call—we’re not advising one way or the other—but either way, we hope you’ll join us in making a donation to RAINN.

This week, writer Greg Rucka will be joining us to talk about the Starjammers and his new Cyclops ongoing series! If you have questions for us or for Greg, stick ’em in the comments below or our Tumblr askbox, or tweet ’em to @RaeBeta with the hashtag #xplainthexmen!