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Sunfire Has Questions! Do You?

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This week, we’ll be jumping into Giant-Size X-Men #1! Post your questions in the comments here, drop ’em in our Tumblr askbox, or tweet ’em at @RaeBeta with the hashtag #xplainthexmen!


  1. So Wolverine had appeared in Hulk before Giant Size X-men #1 but had any of the other “new” x-men appeared in other series or books before? Also was the international make-up of the new team considered a boon for diversity in comics at the time? Was it positively received?

  2. As you go through the history of the X-Men, do you recommend people who want to read some of the older issues get a subscription to Marvel Unlimited (website: http://marvel.com/comics/unlimited)? I don’t have any experience with the service but it is supposed to offer access to all issues that are at least 6 months old.

    Direct Uncanny X-Men link: http://marvel.com/comics/series/2258/uncanny_x-men_1963_-_2011?byZone=marvel_site_zone&offset=0&byType=comic_series&dateStart=&dateEnd=&type=&orderBy=release_date+asc&byId=2258&limit=10&count=10

    1. Rachel and I just got a Marvel Unlimited subscription and it is AWESOME. There are some gaps – they don’t have every old issue – but it’s got enough to be well worth the price.

      1. I disagree wholeheartedly about Marvel Unlimited–between the gaps, the godawful interface (No zoom function at all? SERIOUSLY, Marvel?), and the lack of indexing, it’s about as convenient for me as digging through longboxes, and significantly more difficult to actually read. (Then, again, I’m reading mostly on a laptop; the interface seems like it’d be a little better on a tablet or a larger monitor. Your mileage may vary.)

  3. Is there any in-continuity explanation for Prof X’s odd route to recruit the new X-men? Germany, then Canada, then Nashville, then Africa, then Japan, then Siberia and then Arizona? He’s not in much of a hurry,it’s got to take at least a week.
    It also seems like he must be popping back each time, as we never see the previous recruits on his visits. Have there been any stories about the recruits at the X-Mansion while X is away getting the rest?
    I like that Wolverine clearly doesn’t like Sunfire, since he doesn’t use his mastery of Japanese…
    Also, is none of Ireland a republic in Marvel earth? That crown on a post office a half hour drive from central Dublin in X-Men #99 suggests this.
    You’ve got me re-reading these comics, so you’ve only yourselves to blame for these questions.

  4. Um… and some more… So, Ororo was the finest beggar in Cairo at 6 and a half years old. Has she ever run a con, or otherwise used these skills since? I want grifter Storm, so bad! Also, is this involved in her taking on the goddess identity? That whole transition from successful, self reliant criminal to agreeing at some level you’re a divine being is kind of nuts. Unless it’s a scam (or comic book amnesia).

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