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As Mentioned in Episode 377 – Sam Hill

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377 – Sam Hill

In which Domino’s miniseries earns a grade of “present”; Miles gets to know Sam Hill; Domino trades pouches for boots; and we would prefer that you not sexualize Lady Deathstrike.


  • Halloween Jack
  • Domino (Neena Thurman)
  • Domino #1-3
  • Milo Thurman
  • The idiomatic Sam Hill
  • Lady Deathstrike (again)
  • The Reavers (again)
  • Pico
  • Boot pouches
  • Puck (Eugene Judd)
  • Dante’s Beatrice
  • Several Skullbusters
  • Robot tits
  • The E.T. Atari game
  • One way to get out of saying “I love you”
  • Our unpopular favorites

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