Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Fail to Review the X-Men

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Miles totally reviewed the X-Men, and then I tried to download the files over the crap hotel WiFi so I could edit them, and, yeah, that is definitely not happening.

(Incidentally: This is Rachel, reporting live-ish from Norwescon! I was on five panels today, including a last-minute pinch hit on the Queer Comics panel, and I am a little con-giddy, so.)

ANYWAY, here are some brief thoughts to fill the gaping void the video reviews would otherwise occupy:

Cyclops #12: I am kind of bummed that Black Vortex Cyclops isn’t just Space Pirate Cyclops from Mutant X. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense, but it would be awesome.

Wolverines #19: Can Fantomelle and X-23 run away and be benevolent teen supercriminals together? I would read that book.

Uncanny Avengers #3: I’m still completely indifferent to this arc, but it’s worth it for the Waiting for the Trade strips it has inspired.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Namor’s abs, wherever they may appear.

PANEL OF THE WEEK: I had a really good time on Nuts & Bolts of Comics Writing with G. Willow Wilson today! (Norwescon just recently began introducing comics programming–it’s mostly an old-school SFF con–so today’s comics track ended up being like 90% the Rachel and Willow Show. Also, I just realized that all but one of the comics panels I was on today were all women, and none of them were women-in-comics panels, and that is so cool.)

IN OTHER NEWS: I am really excited about Siege. Kieron Gillen writing Abigail Brand a bunch of Sinister-created Summers clones doing a desperate Westeros Night’s Watch-inflected story? Yes, please.

COMING UP SUNDAY IN THE PODCAST: Our ECCC roundtable with Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennet, Kris Anka, Peter Nguyen. Namor’s abs.