As Mentioned in Episode 2 – Sentinels In the Mist

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Supplemental Reading:

Marvels, by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross

“Uncanny Avengers, Rick Remender, X-Men, and Oppression Comix,” by David Brothers


  1. Hey! Just listened to the first two episodes back to back and really enjoyed them – especially the arrested attempt to explain some baffling element of continuity at the beginning by way of intro. Please keep up that tradition.

    Definitely adding this podcast to my regular listening schedule.

    I also thought you might want to check out Orion Martin’s “What if the X-Men Were Black?” as a supplement to the David Brothers piece you linked to.

  2. Dallas Busha says:

    I just discovered you guys but I will certainly continue to follow your show. Just like a lot of people listening, I’ve been reading the X-Men my entire life and it’s refreshing to listen to you guys, who certainly have a broad knowledge and appreciation for the comic. It’s a fantastic podcast, and you guys are doing a great job! (and man, I haven’t read these silver ages comics in years…. it’s nice to reminisce about Unus the Untouchable!)

  3. Kim Wong says:

    I just started listening to your podcast, and I couldn’t figure out the real life version of Scarlet Witch’s headgear beside your cat/bread comparison until I remembered the independent professional wrestler Ophidian, a man who is a snake who is a wrestler.

  4. Allen Herring says:

    You all were exactly what I was looking for, thank you! I’ll be binge listening to catch up.

    This episode Rachel mentioned some song about the x-men and team work. Would you give the specifics?

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