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As Mentioned in Episode 289 – Unsolved Mysteries

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As Mentioned in Episode 288 – Cape Citadel Remix

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Welcome to the Glammest Timeline

HI! Jay here! This week we dove into the gritty, glittery entrails of Earth-295 (better known as the Age of Apocalypse), where we’ll be spending the next several months. And as some of you have spotted, we’ve updated our cover art to match, care of x-ceptional artist and long-time friend of the show Peter Nguyen:


Not only that, but Peter hooked us up with a time-lapse video of the creation of the cover, condensing about four hours of digital art into four minutes, which you can watch below the cut! Read more

As Mentioned in Episode 287 – Welcome to the Age of Apocalypse

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Regarding ECCC 2020

After a lot of thought, we’ve made the difficult decision to pull out of Emerald City Comic Con 2020. As other creators have written, this isn’t a choice we’ve made lightly–we don’t do a lot of conventions, and ECCC is in many ways our home show, with a lot of love and traditions attached; as well as significant investments of time, money, and planning.

It’s worth pointing out that we’re very lucky: for us, those losses, while difficult, won’t be devastating. We’re also really, really angry, as we watch friends forced to choose between public health and their own livelihoods because the institutions responsible have so completely dropped that ball.

To the friends and fans who were planning to attend the show specifically to see us: we are so sorry to be missing you, and we’ll try to come up with something special over that weekend. To our listeners in the Pacific Northwest, we’re already well into planning an event in Portland at the end of April; while it’s obviously a far cry from ECCC, hopefully we’ll be able to see many of you in person there.

All our love,
Jay & Miles

As Mentioned in Episode 286 – Family Before Continuity

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As Mentioned in Episode 285 – Immediately if Not Sooner

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As Mentioned in Episode 284 – Precious Baubles

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As Mentioned in Episode 283 – Legion Quest Quest

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  • WHOA DANG JAY IS WRITING A CYCLOPS ONE-SHOT! It is called X-Men Marvels Snapshot #1, or possibly Marvel Snapshots: X-Men #1; but either way, you can read more about it here and find preorder information here.
  • Speaking of things Jay writes, if you didn’t get enough Lila Cheney in this week’s episode, she’s stealing hearts and valuables all over Episode 8 of Thor: Metal Gods!
  • We talked a lot about Legion and the ways his powers intersect with mental illness in Episode 44 – Assembling Legion, feat. Si Spurrier.
  • Here is some context for Jay’s joke about Autism Speaks. (If you’re looking for an organization to support that actually helps and amplifies the voices of Autistic folks, we like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.)

As Mentioned in Episode 282 – The Tide Takes the Castle

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  • When not making our endless nonsense sound good, producer Matt Hunter makes really excellent music, and you should go listen to some!
  • Jay does not actually write things on, but he wishes he could.
  • We covered Rogue’s solo series in Episode 245 – Natural Causes.
  • This is the plane Philip flew in WWII, if that’s your kind of thing.