Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles are on FanBros!


DJ BenHaMeen and Tatiana King-Jones were kind enough to interview us on their awesome podcast, The FanBros Show! We talked about how we got into X-Men, our favorite characters and creators, mutants as a civil rights allegory, and, of course, Days of Future Past and the movie franchise in general.

Listen to the episode here, or check out FanBros on SoundCloud or iTunes!


  1. This interview was so great! I’m glad that someone else has gone back and collected all of the New Mutants back issues. The Sienkiewicz run is really my favorite thing ever. I come to comics during Liefeld’s run on X-Force, and going back to the Demon Bear/Warlock/Legion storylines was a total revelation.

    And I really appreciate the discussion of diversity and civil-rights allegory in X-Men. One question that I’ve always wondered about is how much of the allegory got mapped back onto the continuity retroactively. Like, was the MLK/Malcolm X allegory intended from the beginning? Or did Claremont figure it out midway through the ’70s? It’s interesting to think about intended vs. unintended consequences and interpretation.

    1. Thanks for asking this question, lastplaneout. I learned about this podcast and website through the “Fanbros” podcast, and was struck about the allegorical parallels to be drawn to the civil rights movement. I would love to write about this in my social justice class and am looking for a specific run of books to analyze. I’m open to any suggestion. You can reach me on twitter @jupiterjulep24 with your suggestions or to discuss this further. Thanks very much!

    2. My understanding is that it wasn’t really developed until midway through the Silver Age, and it definitely wasn’t explored in any degree of depth until Claremont.

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