Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men


  1. Regarding next episode–I’ve wondered since I was a kid reading X-Men back in the 90’s, what was the reason X-Men #137 could be worth $2500? I’m sure its actually something anti-climactic, but at the time I thought that it meant that they already knew how good it was. Reprints never seem to include the important details.

    1. Awareness of a booming collectors’ market, I suspect? If anyone’s got a more solid answer, please weigh in!

      1. The answer is very anticlimactic. It’s just a promo for some sweepstakes that Marvel was somehow involved with, as far as I remember. It had nothing to do with the contents of that issue; in fact, all Marvel comics that month carried the banner on their covers. I was annoyed then that such a landmark issue had what was essentially an ad taking up a quarter of the cover space.

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