Today. Tomorrow. And Every Day for the Rest of My Life.

X-Men #30 cover art by Andy Kubert

X-Men #30 cover art by Andy Kubert

Rachel here.

I don’t usually talk about personal stuff here. But today is special.

In this week’s episode–the one that goes up at Comics Alliance today, and here on Sunday the 7th, Miles and I talk about Scott and Jean and how they are kind of our couple, and I want to write a little bit more about that.

We talk on the podcast about having known each other since forever. For context, that’s well over half our lives: we’re in our early 30s now, and we met when we were 11 or 12, and became friends when we were 13.

I’m not–look, how much I identify with Cyclops should be a pretty good indicator of how socially inclined I’m not. I didn’t have a lot of friends in middle school. I was the kid who sat in the back of a class, hiding a book under my desk and hoping that no one would notice me–because if they did, it never, ever went well.

In eighth grade English, I sat in my usual far back corner. Miles was in the row in front of me, and at some point, he decided–out of nowhere–that we should probably be friends. He initially expressed this mostly by whipping around dramatically when no one was looking and whispering bad puns at me during vocab review. It was slightly terrifying and absolutely delightful.

At some point, Miles started asking me about books. We’d both grown up on the Dark Is Rising sequence and the Chronicles of Prydain; he lent me Bored of the Rings and the big collected Hitchhiker’s Guide that had the then-nearly-impossible-to-find “Young Zaphod Plays It Safe”; I lent him More Than Human and The Hero and the Crown. There was an end-of-the-year eighth-grade graduation dance and we danced together once, awkwardly, at arms’ length; and each of us was pretty sure the other was just doing it to be polite.

We dated briefly and awkwardly our freshman year of high school, and then we didn’t really talk for a while, and then we were friends again, and then we were friends who slept together and were looking at colleges together and still staunchly refused to put a label on what we were doing because we did not buy in to that nonsense, even after we moved in together two months into our first semester of college. We spent years aggressively reinventing the wheel, because even if we didn’t entirely know what we were or where we were taking it, we knew it was ours.

So, when we talk about how Scott and Jean are kind of our couple, we’re not just talking about the awkward teenage romance thing. Editorial mandates aside, every step of their relationship was a “fuck you” to fate, a conscious choice to not even find but make their own meaning. They’re not together in most of the Multiverse, and when they are, it’s usually something they have to fight for.

Even without supervillains and cosmic forces, being and staying with someone you’ve known since you were a teenager isn’t always easy. Everyone has hard-wired buttons; when you’re with someone you’ve known for that long, there’s a pretty good chance that they–or at least who they were when you were kids–wired some of them. It’s difficult and painful to grow and figure out who you are and who you’re becoming when you’re with someone who still responds to–and probably always will respond to, to some extent–who you were at sixteen.

And Scott and Jean are our couple for that reason, too: because it’s not always easy, but it never stops being worth it–every day, but especially today, because ten years ago* today, I married the best person I’ve ever met: my partner in crime, my best and truest friend; who still finds me when I’m lost, and coaxes me out when I get stuck in my own head, and holds me so that I can let go.

I love you, Miles Stokes.



And every day for the rest of my life.


*According to Miss Manners, the tenth anniversary is–for obvious reasons–the X-Men anniversary.


  1. Miles says:


    oh man

    Thank you. So much.

    I love you, Rachel. From our recording studio in Bobby’s basement to the blue area of the moon, from the Silver Age to the Askani future – and, you’d better believe, with the focused totality of everything I am.

  2. David says:

    MILES! No! She said ‘I love you.’ You KNOW the correct response is ‘And I you.’. I trend to tell you that with the focused totality of my psychic powers, but I guess it didn’t work.

  3. Dave Manley says:

    True Love written in the form of X-Men terms?
    Definately the best thing I’ve read on the internet in a while!
    Happy Anniversary Rachel and Miles!

  4. Your post makes me ridiculously happy. I’m glad every day I married my nerd girl and I’m so happy for both of you!

  5. Max L. says:

    And now I’m all verklempt.

  6. Beautiful story!
    Congratulations guys, happy anniversary!

  7. Qrest Fourstar says:

    I don’t know you guys except from the podcast but Thats some really sweet stuff. Congrats you two!

  8. Betti says:

    That is absolutely beautiful. It is rare today to this kind of love and devotion. However, I wouldn’t be a proper geek if I didn’t point out that the tenth aniversary is also the Weapon X aniversary. Marvel is giving you the gift of his death…for now

  9. Betti says:

    Btw, you should totally post wedding pictures. *evil grin*

    • Rachel says:

      There’s currently one on the rachelandmiles tumblr, and a bunch on my personal one, but in general, I don’t think that’s something we’re going to do here. Sorry.

  10. steve says:

    I’m glad you both survived the experience. 🙂

  11. WizarDru says:

    Wow. That was pretty moving, kids. 🙂

  12. discord_inc says:


  13. Raksha38 says:

    Aw, I’m getting misty eyed! Nerd love is so beautiful.

    Happy anniversary, you guys. You’re adorable.

  14. […] They are skilled professional podcasters, who are X-perts on the subject matters they discuss, specifically the X-Men and the comic book industry, where they also work. Funny, passionate, and married, they are a delight to listen to. Moreover, they say Scott and Jean are kind of their couple. Read this tearjerker of a love letter Rachel wrote for Miles on their wedding anniversary: Today. Tomorrow. And Every Day for the Rest of My Life. […]

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