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Cyclops Has a Good Day, by Jenny Yule

Rachel here!

As some of you no doubt remember from Episode 7 (waaaaaaay back when), my con sketchbook’s theme is Cyclops Has a Good Day. While the sketchbook itself is purely physical media, you splendid folks will once in a while e-mail me a digital entry, and they are universally delightful.

This week’s comes from Jenny Yule, who has worked out what I am pretty sure is the absolute best recreational use of Cyclops’s powers AND gave me a total nostalgia rush for the weird old Ambroisia game Harry the Handsome Executive, which I would now very much like to see given a superhero revamp. BEHOLD:



  1. Poor Scott, I think the last “good day” he had was when he married Jean. Though now, thanks to Kurt Busick, I have this head cannon of Scott hosting a podcast. Perhaps, Slim X-plains Mutants? Tee-Hee!

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