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As Mentioned in Episode 213 – Live from FlameCon

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Live at FlameCon! Left to Right: Leah, Sina, Mags, Jay, Miles


Look who finally got a proper con banner!


OH MY GOSH LOOK AT ALL THESE SKETCHES! (We also forgot to photograph a ton of the ones we did, including one of Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau in a Speedo. We are very sorry.)


Rose City Comic Con Gallery!

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Jay and Al spent the weekend making X-Men minicomics! You can read all of them right over here!

The Whole Cyclops Has a Good Day Sketchbook, as of April 2016

Jay here! Because a handful of people have asked for them all in one place, here are the full current contents of the Cyclops Has a Good Day sketchbook, in chronological order.

(In the name of being precise about these kinds of things, I should note that these are not all of the Cyclops Has a Good Day drawings that I have–there are a good 6-10ish that are free-floating or digital–just the ones in the official sketchbook. I may add the others later, but they’re somewhat more scattered at the moment.)


Jay and Miles Try to Draw and Cyclops Has a Good Day at ECCC 2016!


We do bad X-Men drawings for $1 at cons (although we might end up raising the price, because we spent a somewhat ridiculous amount of time on these). Here’s most of what we did at ECCC, minus a few that we forgot to photograph:

David drew a lot of really beautiful sketches and commissions, but for some reason, this is the only one we actually have a photo of:


And here are the newest additions to Jay’s Cyclops Has a Good Day sketchbook (the downside of working shows = very little time to run around and get commissions and sketches, alas!):


Cyclops Has a Good Day (and Rachel can’t draw) at Rose City Comic Con!


As long-time listeners know, I have a Cyclops Has a Good Day con sketchbook, because I am a huge and unapologetic dork (newcomers might have keyed in to that last part). I’m godawful about posting updates, so, here’s what’s new from RCCC and ECCC!

(We’ve already posted our photos from RCCC, the live episode, and the party/listener meetup, over here!)

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Miles and I stole a page from Chris and Chad’s playbook and did terrible X-Men sketches for $1 at our table. Miles forgot to take pictures of his, which is a double shame because he’s way better at this than I am and ALSO because one of his sketches was Adam X the X-Treme riding a giant can of Mountain Dew. BUT HERE ARE MINE.



Cyclops Has a Good Day at New York Comic Con

Last weekend, we were at new York Comic Con! And it was AWESOME! We’ll be posting stuff from there all week–including episode 27, some photos of very cool X-cosplay, and a special bonus mini-episode–but while we’re recombobulating post-travel, here’s what’s new in Rachel’s Cyclops Has a Good Day sketchbook!

Cyclops Has a Good Day, by Jenny Yule

Rachel here!

As some of you no doubt remember from Episode 7 (waaaaaaay back when), my con sketchbook’s theme is Cyclops Has a Good Day. While the sketchbook itself is purely physical media, you splendid folks will once in a while e-mail me a digital entry, and they are universally delightful.

This week’s comes from Jenny Yule, who has worked out what I am pretty sure is the absolute best recreational use of Cyclops’s powers AND gave me a total nostalgia rush for the weird old Ambroisia game Harry the Handsome Executive, which I would now very much like to see given a superhero revamp. BEHOLD:


As Mentioned in Episode 7 – Cyclops Has a Good Day

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