Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Merry Mutant Melodies

Here in the X-Pert Cave, we hew to some fairly specific Christmas Eve traditions, but if you’re at a loss for how to ring in the holiday, listener Mike Joyner sent us this 1990 gem: official X-mas carols, from What The? #7. (Click through for high-res.)

(If anyone actually takes these caroling, please send us videos, because that would be AMAZING.)



  1. My brother & I have sung these versions every year since we bought this copy of What The…? off the rack at a gas station in 19** (dates changed to protect the old) we just didn’t have video cameras in our pockets back then. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane tho. I’ll be humming Walk Thru Walls all afternoon now…

    1. We’re appreciate Patrick Swayze Christmas year round in my family. Its especially nice in the middle of summer when you need to pretend its not hot out.

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