Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 22

Week of January 21, 2015

In which All-New X-Factor ends, Iceman is his own best foil, and Jordie Bellaire is a hell of a colorist.


  • All-New X-Men #35 (00:26)
  • Wolverines #3 (2:19)
  • X-Factor #20 (3:45)
  • *Magneto #14 (5:01)

*Pick of the Week (7:18)

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  1. I’ve been trying to cut back on my comics consumption lately, but every time I listen to Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men or War Rocket Ajax, I end up adding more great books to my pull list and Inter-Library Loans queue. Curse you! Thank you!

    Jordie Bellaire makes everything better. “Pretty Deadly” and the recent Warren Ellis run of “Moon Knight” just wouldn’t have been so special without her work. I’m looking forward to checking out what she does with “Magneto.”

  2. Do you know that Jean declared herself the Mistress of Tian (after Xorn and Zorn died), and then proceed to try to destroy Utopia because they wanted to be their own nation instead of bowing to her and among the casualties of the ensuing war was Rogue’s girlfriend (a Sentient Forest)? Because I do, and it bothers me that she’s there in All-New like nothing happened, it’s like Doctor Doom being invited into the Avengers (with no explanation).
    And you do feel the lack of Kitty, she lead the mutants when the government was hunting them down, and built Utopia. She’s the leader of the mutants, not Colossus, not Jimmy, and most definitively not Jean

  3. Was I reading correctly that Danger, Warlock, and Doug decided to be a threesome? I borrowed the book from a friend at work so I couldn’t take the time to digest it the way I usually do.
    BTW, Rachel how do you stop yourself from just making little braids randomly in Miles hair while he is sleeping?

  4. Loved All-New X-Men this week. One story! Things happen! Loved watching the Punisher get his shirt stolen (and the hero-memorabilia fence character), but I agree it lost momentum afterwards. I was a bit underwhelmed by Magneto, but that’s probably only in comparison to the rest of the run. Objectively, it’s well written and well drawn, and I do love a good Genosha flashback/callback, but #12 and #13 were SO GREAT and this one for me was sort of a passionless “very very good.”

    If every issue of All-New X-Factor were the same tone and quality of the Ren Faire issue, I think I would have loved it. Oh well, my funnybook hopes are buoyed by Spider-Man and the X-Men…

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