Miles Reviews the X-Men, Episode 27

Week of February 25, 2015.

In which Miles once again holds down the fort, and Rachel is too tired to come up with more engaging copy than this.


  • All-New X-Men #38 (00:19)
  • Spider-Man and the X-Men #3 (1:46)
  • Amazing X-Men #17 (3:08)
  • Wolverines #8 (4:29)
  • Uncanny Avengers #2 (6:15)

Pick of the Week: Avengers World #17; which is neither technically an X-book nor of this week, but is good enough that we don’t care. (8:19)


I kind of love Miles’s vague implication that I’m cooling my heels in Mexico until things blow over.

Here are my very short and sleep-deprived addenda to the reviews:

All-New X-Men #38
Often, “very Bendis” is a compliment. This is not one of those times: the cleverness comes at the expense of characters’ voices. Not exactly bad, but frustrating. I’m pretty damn excited about Teen Space Pirate Cyclops to the rescue, though; and the fact that that probably means a more organic end to the Cyclops ongoing than the abrupt cancellation I was sort of expecting.

Spider-Man and the X-Men #3
This is the ideal use of this team, and I feel really good about it and also about Ernst busting down walls. The first few issues were fun but kind of flailing; here, it feels like the book is really finding its voice and catching its stride.

Amazing X-Men #17
Too busy cracking up at the return of one of my favorite dumb Silver-Age villains to objectively review this.

Wolverines #8
Um, actually, Miles, both Fang’s debut and the incident in which Wolverine stole his costume took place during the M’Kraan Crystal storyline, not the Dark Phoenix Saga.

That said, there is literally nothing about this issue that I did not enjoy immensely. Also, I really hope that Fang and Volstagg turn out to be buddies, because they obviously should be.

Uncanny Avengers #2
Meh. I’m having trouble caring about this storyline. I recognize that Acuña is objectively good at what he does, but at the same time, his art completely fails to hold my attention, which sort of sums up my feelings on this series in general.

-Rachel, who is not actually on the lam in Mexico; although she has learned a lot over the last few days about the laws and logistics concerning international transport of human remains.

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  1. Ry Herman says:

    Is Action Dromedary’s arch-nemesis the Drama Llama?

  2. Will Emmons says:

    It feels like that scene where Beast, young Angel, and Gamora destroy that city on the Kree homeworld may have a lot of plot consequences later.

  3. Kelvin says:


    “We had such dreams. We figured we’d live forever.”

  4. McArdle says:

    I am liking this Juggernaut storyline, but does anyone else feel like the art is a little… Liefieldy? The first two-page spread particularly feels like it could have come from one of those X-Force-busts-into-a-hidden-base-for-some-reason stories.

    Condolences and best wishes to Rachel.

  5. pawpaw5771 says:

    Good call on Avengers World. I’m trying to follow this Time Runs Out stuff in Avengers as a prelude to Secret Wars – but even aside from that (or maybe especially aside from that), this arc looks like it will be enjoyable due to fun with Sam and Roberto.

  6. John G. says:

    YESSSSSS I loved Avengers World #17!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving it love, Miles!

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