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Rachel and Miles Review the X-Men – Episode 26

Week of February 18, 2015

In which we spoil the hell out of Uncanny X-Men #31, Rachel has Mystique feelings, and Kris Anka draws the best bitchface ever forever.


  • *Uncanny X-Men #31 (1:00)
  • Legendary Star-Lord #9 (5:08)
  • Storm #8 (6:23)
  • Wolverines #7 (8:45)
  • Magneto #15 (10:56)

*Pick of the week (13:02)

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  1. I wonder if the disappearance of Xavier and Mystique’s marriage means that Xavier didn’t erase his own mind after Tempus left him (and I couldn’t figure out from the pages if Xavier was successful in doing it). There’s no reason for the new mutant not being borned preventing Xavier from marrying Mystique, as long as he knew what would happen. At least there’s no practical explanation, since this probably erases his own son’s existence and that’s a big thing to simply be tossed aside.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. Just read Uncanny X-Men #31, and it’s what I’ve been waiting for from this story arc. Not Scott Summers leaving (because I like him) but the X-Men being reunited. The whole Omega-Level mutant concept was never really something I liked, but I’m glad it brought about the reunion. Also, Eva Bell is amazing.

    Going to go read more comics now. Thanks again!

    1. Just wanted to add that the reviews you guys do have given me a whole lot of appreciation for comics, especially the artwork, which I don’t know a lot about. In this arc of Uncanny X-Men, for instance, even when I might not have liked the Omega-Level mutant angle, I was really enjoying the artwork (and some other aspects of the story and characters as well).

  3. You could argue that it’s the end (or at least a significant part of) the Cyclops arc that begin with M-Day.

  4. And speaking of the art in GotG, the art in the latest issue of the Rocket Raccoon solo book is seriously great.

  5. I get my comics at the end of the month via DCBService. As a result, I hadn’t read Uncanny until today… wow.

    My favorite Cyclops is broken-and-fighting-to-rebuild Cyclops. Cyclops, I think, has realized that he’s in a wrong place right now. He’ll do some soul searching, more development, and he’ll be back. That’s my favorite Cyclops. I’ve only read in the past of this occurring with the X-Men team (e.g., in the wake of Messiah Complex), so I think it will be interesting to see how Cyclops does rebuilding himself.

    I love Cyclops.

    NB: I love these reviews, not because they give me any plot information (I get that from reading the books), but it helps me appreciate the art (which I am not very good at doing). Thanks, and keep it up!

  6. Eve telling Cyclops off is an all-time great X-Men page. “I am officially a graduate of the Scott Summers ‘Do Whatever The Hell You Want’ School for Gifted &$#& Youngsters.” So, so, so perfect.

    This Wolverines issue is like a Rosetta Stone for writing Mystique well. I’d never realized it before, but she’s basically the mutant answer to Nick Fury. This book has been 400% more fun than I ever could have expected.

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