Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

Rachel and Miles at ECCC!



We are super pleased to announce the first ever Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men meetup, at Emerald City Comicon!

There will be stickers! And maybe buttons! And varyingly ridiculous photo props! And people (we hope)! And a bowl of sunglasses. And maybe a sneak preview of the episode we’ll be recording the night before? WHO KNOWS? We do not, because we are figuring all of that out this weekend! But we are pretty sure that it’ll be rad.


WHAT: Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men Meetup

WHEN: Saturday, March 28, 7-8 PM

WHERE: Meetup Room 2 (TCC, level 2, room 205 – see below!)


If you can’t make the official meetup and/or want to put something together off-site, we will happily signal-boost. Let us know.


We’re not officially tabling, but we’ll both be at the con all three days. Here’s where to find us:

MILES will be working at the Dark Horse Comics booth (802) all weekend. He will be happy to say hi, give you a high five, and recommend some Dark Horse comics; but he will probably not have a lot of time to chat about X-Men on the show floor.

RACHEL will mostly be hanging out at Booth 310 on the show floor. She will give you podcast stickers (free), write on your knuckles with sharpies (price negotiable), and explain why you should buy books from the nice people who are letting her perch at their booth (free unless you take her advice).

Rachel is also on three panels, as follows:


  • Taking Fandom Seriously

1:50-11:40 AM

Join our panel of serious fans including Douglas Wolk (author, blogger, critic), Justin Warren (game blogger), Andrea Gilroy (comics teacher and graduate student), and Rachel Edidin (professional editor, critic) for a conversation about walking the fine line between geeking out as a fan and critically engaging with the material you love.

  • All Ages Comics Aren’t Limiting

11:50AM – 12:40PM
Hall E (TCC 303)

Tired of dark and gritty? Looking to expand your market share? Want to make something your kids can enjoy? Just plain curious about why you should take all ages comics seriously? Join Rachel Edidin, Jen Van Meter, Janelle Asselin, Adam P. Knave, and Lucy Bellwood for a discussion of what creates an exceptional all ages comic.


  • How Many Hats Can One Person Wear?

10:30AM – 11:20AM
Hall F (TCC 304)

What has three writers, one artist, two journalists, three critics, one retailer, three fans, two podcasters, six hands, and three heads? Rachel Edidin, Kate Leth, and Douglas Wolk discuss what it means to approach comics from multiple angles, balancing creative and critical perspectives, and straddling the fan/pro divide.



  1. I would love to hear that discussion about taking fandom seriously. I have had some heated discussions with some friends who just want to geek out about their fandoms and hate it when I look at the same material objectively like I would any research item. The problem comes when they just want to stay in that fanboy world and I refuse to join them because in my mind it lessens the experience for me. Any insights you can bring back from that discussion would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I’m saddened I that I can’t make it to ECCC for the meet-up, but I hope it goes swimmingly! Or at least well enough that you consider holding a similar meet-up at RCCC in September, which I might be able to attend. Have fun everyone!

  3. They have meet-up rooms? That’s awesome!

    Must resist urge to book last-minute plane ticket…wife would not be amused…

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